Secret Lives of Klingons: Blue Collar
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woohooligan Mar 15, 2012
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Sorry for the lateness on this strip. I had a tooth pulled this week and it knocked me out like I wasn't expecting and threw off my schedule... the good news is I officially no longer have any "hard to reach back teeth". ;P

To be honest, I think the alternate ending is a better gag!

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Unka John Mar 15, 2012
Unka John But did they get to eat the puppy?
woohooligan Mar 16, 2012
woohooligan Just another of life's little mysteries... ;P
mathias42 Mar 27, 2012
mathias42 I wonder what the klingon word for "Kirby" is?
woohooligan Mar 27, 2012
woohooligan The vacuum cleaner? I would think they wouldn't need them... if something gets dirty they just shoot it with a disruptor. ;P
Col Klink Apr 28, 2013
Julianned fries - I have a friend named Julianne. I'll have to ask what her fries style is.
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